Wood Pellets Oak Low Price Heating High Quality Big bags

Raw material:                      Hardwood
Application:                         Heating System
Density:                               600kg/m3 – 800kg/m3
Diameter:                            6mm~8mm
Shape:                                 Columnar/Lump
Length:                                10mm~40mm
Calory (J):                           4500
Moisture (%):                      9
Brand Name:                      CARRYSUN TECHNOLOGY
Model Number:                   CSTW
Ash Content (%):                2.6

Production process:crushing raw material=>material drying(rolling,air driving)=>high temperature,high pressure,shaping process=>sticks packed in kiln=>high temp carbonization(400-600degree,15days,or per customer’s requirement)=>taking out and packing charcoal.


Cheap wood pellets
1.Favorable price
2.Smokeless, odorless and sparkless
3.Good raw materials of barbecue

biodegradable bags, 25kg or 500kg each bag.

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